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12 FEB 2021   -   Posted by AEA Admin         TAGS: Sub-zero, Refrigerator, Los Angeles Repair

Sub-Zero 501

With unmatched reliability and innumerable features, the Sub-Zero 501 model fridge stands out as one of the most useful in home appliances to come to the market in years. Customers have come to rely on the impeccable quality of Sub-Zero refrigerators, what with their wherewithal and flawless design. The fact is, you’ve come to expect only the best out of this home appliance company, so when your fridge requires maintenance you don’t want cut-rate work on this superior machine. Knowing this, Allen Edward Appliance Repair provides all of their customers with unequaled comprehension of and experience with Sub-Zero fridges. When one of their repairmen comes to service your equipment, you know the job will be done right, the first time.

Sub-Zero refrigerator repairs shouldn’t be a stressful endeavor, as long as you have qualified repairmen servicing your appliances. With such a complex, high quality machine like the Sub-Zero 501 refrigerator, not all servicemen have the ingenuity and know-how to properly fix this, let alone the many other units. By contacting Allen Edward you are assuring that all of your home appliances are dealt with professionally and in a timely manner. The fact is we know that families depend on their refrigerators to be running properly. Spoiled food is a hazard and not allowing your refrigerated goods to keep a shelf life impedes on your daily meals. Allen Edward is sure to provide you and all of their customers with dependable, same-day service on most orders. That means you don’t have to be without your fridge for more than a day. We truly believe in quality customer service, that is why our experienced repairmen are available seven days a week. There are no short cuts to doing the job right the first time.

Due to the fact that there are so many features available on the 501 model refrigerator you need to make sure you’ve hired the right company to do the job. Whether you are having trouble with the temperature gauge, located on the back wall of the unit, or your icemaker is not operating up to par, you can be sure that Allen Edward is available to assist you.

There are many nuances to the Sub-Zero 501 refrigerator. With adjustable door shelves and rollout or pullout freezer baskets and ice containers, this model has truly shined through as one of the most dependable fridges out on the market. With such a versatile device it needs to be understood that these units will only last as long as owners are willing to take care of them. By acting promptly when problems occur you ensure that your fridge will continue to run well for years.

With it’s hermetically sealed doors, you know that the 501 model will keep your food fresh. The 501 model is so conveniently built that it comes with front venting, which ultimately allows your unit to be completely built into your kitchen or wherever you may need your refrigerator. Allen Edward is confident in its ability as a maintenance service to assure that storing food comes as naturally as the act of eating. Allen Edward provides only the kind of top quality work necessary for a customer’s high-end fridge. You’ve come to rely on Sub-Zero and now, you know you can rely on us too. Get the best available repairs out there by calling Allen Edward Appliance Repair.

16 FEB 2021   -   Posted by AEA Admin         TAGS: Sub-zero, Refrigerator, Thermador

Refrigerator Repair Los Angeles

A refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in the house, and most of the time you will take it for granted and only realize how important it is when it breaks down. When it does give you problems then choosing Allen Edward Appliance repair to get it functional again is the best choice. Refrigerator is just one of the many household appliances we can repair, and you enjoy a repair service that is cost-effective and prompt. We have been the leading appliance repair and refrigerator repair for decades, and provide a friendly, professional service to both residential and business customers. We also offer customers to take advantage of our expert plumbing repair services that cover all aspects of your plumbing needs.

Replacing appliances these days has become extremely expensive and this is even more of a case when it comes to refrigerators. In many cases refrigerators only need minor repairs like refilling of gas, motor replacement, or leak repairs. Our refrigerator repair Los Angeles is done on site for your convenience with little disruption, and this includes repairs to built-in models in your kitchen. Our services of refrigerator repair also extend to business customers to cold rooms and store refrigerators done with sixty minutes. Allen Edward Appliance repair covers washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, air conditioners, stoves, heating systems, garbage disposals, and dishwashing machines.

We have qualified expert technicians who have fully equipped vehicles in many areas for refrigerator repair in Los Angeles so we can respond to your requests for services fast. Our network of connections to manufacturers of appliances in many brand names on the market allows us to source your spare parts quickly as well as at the best possible prices. Before commencing the work we will give you an honest quote so that there are no surprises. Zach and Yana have been providing a personalized refrigerator repair Los Angeles since 1983 and have built up a reputation of being the leading company to call for any appliance breakdowns. No job is too big or too small for us and you can always expect a clean, professional, and friendly service from our personnel.

As you can see on our website our expert technicians have capabilities or repair all the well-known brand names of refrigerators on the market like Sub Zero, Kitchen Aid, Viking, and Maytag for example. No doubt you want a refrigerator repair Los Angeles without delay and you can always expect a "One call does it all" service from Allen Edward Appliance repair. Now you have access to information about all the services we offer residential and business customers with the convenience of Internet technology. To thank you for using our services though the web we give you great savings with a $25 off coupon that you can take advantage of for refrigerator repair Los Angeles of for any job you need us for.

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